The Impact of the Internet on the Leadership Change From Hierarchy to Democracy in South Korea

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The Impact of the Internet on the Leadership Change From Hierarchy to …

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God has granted technology when he makes much use of Cainite techniques for His people,[1] from the “semi nomadic discipline itself to the civilized arts and crafts.” (Kidner 1977: 77). Technological development has been continued since Cainite until the most recent being the personal computer and Internet. A computer is a “costly amalgam of plastic, metal, silicon and glass.” (Naughton 2002: 13) It can’t do anything if I do not switch the power on but if the electric power on “the machine comes to life” (Ibid), and connecting us to miraculous network. [2]


The Internet connection, obviously, changes our communication environments that are potentially more powerful than print and television.[3] “The Net provides the first totally unrestricted, totally uncensored communication system--ever. It is the living embodiment of an open market in ideas.” (Ibid: 22) This open market communication system with the development of Information Technology brings two dramatic changes in Korean society-equal access to information and citizen participation in communication. The IT industry, especially, directed to effective and efficient electronic communication and “spreading information, easier and simpler” (Tsagarousianous 194), which enhances the democratic process.

[1] Gen 4. 24; Ex 35.35

[2] This network allows us “access to information and knowledge, communication with faraway place, news from other cultures windows into other worlds. “ (Naughton 2002: xii) 

[3] Because it harnesses the intellectual leverage which print gave to mankind without being hobbled by the one-to-many

nature of broadcast television. (Naughton 2002: 22)



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